Zara, Erin, Anna and Philippe Bieler.
Our family experience living between Wales and Southern France.

La Jassine des Trois Montagnes

La Jassine des Trois Montagnes

Easter egg hunt in Provence.  C’est bon le chocolat!!

Easter egg hunt in Provence.  C’est bon le chocolat!!


Dinos every time..

LOU BAR ROU 2010 limited edition olive oil

Watch out Jamie Oliver, LOU beats you on a blind tasting.

Soon to be available exclusively at Irma Fingle Rock Wine Merchant, Monmouth, Wales, or from ZEAP if we haven’t gobbled it all ourselves.  

A blast from the past.  Erin aged 6 months in 2004 !

Happy Birthday Blog! www.zeap.tumblr.com is one year old

Suzette School Visit to the Olive Press of the Barroux Monastery

The Suzette School visit the monks olive mill with a little walk prior at our vineyard, Usclades, to see the bees and other exciting things (such as the bees washing line…).  The monks did a fab tour complete with weighing Suzette School.  They were over 300kg so fit for a press straight away.  We saw the fermenting olives, the olive waste which is put back under the trees as fertiliser.  Then into the mill itself for a press just for us and a tasting of the resulting oil.

Merci beaucoup aux moines du Monastaire du Barroux !